The Journey Back Tour – Beso:  at the Joseph Watson Collection.


The Joseph Watson Collection proudly presents “Journey Back Home Tour” featuring the artwork of Beso.Artist Beso has been out of the public’s eye for several years now. He now re-emerges with his latest exhibit at the Joseph Watson Collection titled “Journey Back Home Tour.” The exhibit will take place April 5th–May 1st.

Beso has been drawing and painting as far back as he can remember. As a small child, he began drawing images using burnt out matchsticks. He was born in the country of Georgia and lived through years of civil war. In those days, Beso was painting for world peace. He wanted kids his age to grow up without experiencing the conflict that tore his country apart. Beso had no running water or electricity but he had a great sense of family. He dreamed of coming to America one day and that dream came true. Beso was discovered when doing exhibits in London and his home town of Kutaisi. The word spread to the U.S. and soon he was having exhibits all over the country. Sometimes tens of thousands of fans would show up to support Beso and his cause , which back then, was to paint for peace.

Beso received keys to major cities and even former president Bill Clinton wrote him a personal letter; thanked him for his efforts and lent his support. The success was overwhelming but when that ended, Beso went back to being a normal child again. He never lost his desire to create but was focused on school and being a normal kid again. Something inside kept pulling him back to wanting to share his work. Beso never stopped creating the images that drove him in the first place but now Beso is an adult and can guide is own destiny at his own pace.

Now, Beso lives in Los Angeles and works as a technical illustrator for government proposals. Living the dream and finding his way back to art again.
We hope you will enjoy Beso’s story and will experience the new works that he has created for this show.

The exhibit will be up for the month of April.

Gallery info:
Joseph Watson Collection
107, E. Charleston Blvd, Suite 115
Las Vegas, NV 89104