The Collections

The Joseph Watson Collection showcases the work  of primary artist Joseph Watson, along with that of emerging and established artists.  Our Gallery  features artist such as Sharktoof, Lucky Bunny, Vaughn Bode, Joseph Watson and many more. We encourage entertainment and enlightenment through art.

Our mission is to expose the art collectors and our fan base to our collection of wonderful art.

Urban Inspired Art 

This body of work focuses on storytelling. The dense population of human figures is prominent in this collection. The characters in many of these paintings are almost acting out scenes in a play.The scenery is rich with detail and discovery. You will get immersed in the Urban Inspired Art Collection and find yourself entertained.

Joseph Watson Collection - Urban Inspired Art - Bus Ride

Street Flora is a Collection within Urban Inspired Art.The Street Flora series is a collection of paintings that feature
various flowers overcoming challenges in life. This series started when a friend who owns the Enchanted Florist created some amazing flower arrangements for us. It was at a time when I wanted to change the direction in my art. These floral bouquets allowed me to combine what they were doing with my art. It was a perfect match. These non figurative street inspired still life paintings have become a success story at the gallery. A calendar will be released soon.


Public Art

The Public Art Collection includes  commissioned art projects that are out in the real world. Hundreds of thousands of people view these pieces and learn from them. These pieces can be considered as “Silent Inspiration”.


Joseph Watson - Public Art Collection

Joseph Watson – Public Art Collection

Decor Aquatica

This is a commercially successful series of paintings that focus on the decor market. Images of sea life and seafood dishes fused with decorative elements can be seen here. Companies such as Hobby Lobby Stores have a few of these images on their store shelves. We are seeking licensing for the decor,  film, apparel and other related industries.  For licensing inquiries, Contact Us.