News Archive – 2010

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12/26/2010 – This has been a busy time for The Joseph Watson Collection, with several exciting developments:

  • New painting: “Levels”
  • New Painting: “Walk Up, Walk Out”
  • New Painting: “Downtown Neon”
  • The Joseph Watson Collection will soon produce a collectable figure.
  • Our second art training DVD will be released soon.
  • Our 1st tarining DVD is available for Purchase. Click Here
  • Joseph Watson was awarded by the Mayor of Las Vegas for his creative contributions for the ZAP project.
  • Dollface & Adolfo Gonzalez are currently on exhibit at the Joseph Watson Collection.
  • Joseph Watson is will soon announce a childrens book.
  • Joseph is currently illustrating three Christmas card designs for next year’s greeting card market.
  • Joseph secured his next solo show at another gallery, will be announced soon!

8/13/2010 – Exciting New Developments for

  • Hobby Lobby of Las Vegas now sells Joseph Watson’s lithographs.
  • Trim Care of Las Vegas is now showcasing Joseph’s art.
  • Joseph painted on a Lance Burton autographed mask for the Unmasking the Mind fundraiser.
  • The 2nd training DVD will be shot soon and available for purchase.
  • A collaboration painting with Casey Weldon is in progress.
  • My art training DVD was just released and available for purchase. This amazing DVD teaches you how to successfully paint with acrylic. It also comes with a free sketch from Joseph Watson.
  • Joseph is now exhibiting at Destinations Salon and the Left of Ceter Gallery for the ZAP project.
  • A collaboratin painting with Joseph and Casey Weldon is in progress and will get posted soon.


  • My recent ZAP project aired on TV.
  • Los Angeles artist “Shark Toof” has an exhibit at the Joseph Watson Collection. The exhibit is titled “Viva Lost Wages”. The exhibit will be up for the entire month of July. Please schedule an appointment to view this wonderful show. Contact info:
  • This will be one of the most important urban street art exhibits in Las Vegas. The artist that is known by the name of Shark Toof will migrate his traveling exhibit to our city. Shark Toof’s exhibit titled ” Viva Lost Wages” reflects the current state of the economy as a whole. With hand printed posters, cubes and original installation pieces, Shark Toof has created one of the most original and memorable art experiences of our time.


  • I currently have an art television show in planning / pre-production.
  • Also, three new paintings are in production and will be exhibited at the Joseph Watson Gallery during this First Friday.
  • On May 8, a pair of painted shoes by myself will be auctioned for the Goodie Two Shoes foundation.
  • Currently, I am working on the concept illustrations for a children’s book. I will give the details soon.
  • Recently, I was part of a group show at the Annie Lee Gallery.
  • I was recently selected in a competition called ZAP. I am one of the eight winning artists who will contribute to painting utility boxes with our concepts. My boxes are in front of the Andre Agassi College Prep Academy.


  • I have signed on with a huge Xradio event at the Henderson Pavilion April 3, 2010.
  • On 3-13-2010, I did a radio interview with Xradio.
  • I will share my latest magazine feature soon!
  • Four new paintings were completed. They will be posted soon.
  • My Ustream painting show will start to broadcast again in a few days. Sorry for the delay!
  • On Friday, March 19th from 4:00-8:00 at the PLACE Gallery, I will be one of several artists who are going to do “LIVE” painting and auction off our work to help Haiti.


  • I have two paintings in: Las Vegas Perspective: Reflections Of The African-American Artist
  • Next month, we will feature the world famous Booty Babe figures created by Spencer Davis.
  • Just set up a Bluecanvas site.
  • New prints were added to our print store.
  • The Erotic Heritage Museum of Las Vegas has three of my originals on exhibit.
  • I finished two new paintings. “Something from Nothing” and “Blue Afternoon”.
  • Recently launched an online live painting show on Ustream. Here’s the link. Stay tuned for the broadcast schedule.