News Archive – 2008

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12/08/2008 – Visit the newly installed blog.

12/06/2008 – We will have preview nights at the Arts Factory in Downtown Las Vegas. Here are my two latest pantings”Hope” & “Dog Chart II”. Two new paintings are in the works.


Check out photos from my gallery space…


I just opened a second gallery in the beautiful Cetus Gallery District. This isn’t a gallery that you can visit in person, but a virtual 3D world gallery that you can experience online. It will be a online replica of my real gallery space in downtown Las Vegas and will feature many of my paintings. The gallery space will go through many installations within the next couple of weeks. I will post info on how to visit soon.


New prints were added to the “prints” section. I am exhibiting one piece at the Bridge Gallery (City Hall) in Downtown, Las Vegas.


My new downtown gallery space is open!


Joseph Watson Collection will have a permanant gallery space in the Arts Factory located in Downtown Las Vegas. Come check it out during this First Friday’s event!


I will have a painting that will be featured in MModern’s exhibit in the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas on July 18th & July 19th. My painting is titled “Pleasure Plaza”. See you there!


I will soon exhibit at an un-announced show at the Hard Rock Hotel, also exhibit in San Diego in late July and will attend the Market Exhibit at the World Market Center.


Recenlty exhibited at the Canyon Gate Country Club.

Completed five new pieces.


I recently completed another painting. It is titled “The Color of Women”. You can view it in my advertisment in the May issue of Art Business Magazine. There are also two more followup paintings in the works which I will post in about 3 weeks.


I recently joined the ADAS group in Las Vegas. We are a group of prestigious designers, artists and architects. Also, I have a new painting in the works and will post it soon.


I recently finished a new painting titled “Conversation Piece”. I also exhibited at the Canyon Gate Country Club.


The Drawing section of my site just got updated with seven new sketches. All original paintings will be available for purchase within two weeks.


lots of new news!!!

Most recently, I exhibited in the ArtExpo in Las Vegas as well as City Hall’s very own Bridge Gallery. I was fortunate enough to network with many galleries and publishers. I will make more announcments on ArtExpo soon. Also, I recently exhibited in the Summerlin Trails Art Walk. More updates will get posted soon. Thanks for the patience. For those of you who missed out on my TV interview and demonstration, click here: TV show. A talented poet by the name of Keith Brantley was inspired enough to write a few poems about my art. Here are the links: poem 1 poem 2 poem3