The Joseph Watson Collection is a gallery that exhibits and sells art from emerging and established artists. We specialize in urban inspired art, street art and abstract paintings. Artists such as Sharktoof, Lucky Bunny, Joseph Watson, Mark and Vaughn Bode, Dray, Angu Walters and many others have showcased their art at our gallery. Once a month, we have First Friday art night which attracts hundreds of art enthusiasts. This is a great opportunity to meet the artists as well as get inspired.

The Joseph Watson Collection of art consists of two styles of fine art. The first is the sophisticated décor style. This is his commercially accepted art. It involved subject matter such as ocean life to delicious seafood dishes to African influenced imagery. The surface is swirled with gesso, and then painted with acrylics. The result is a rich balanced piece that would be welcome in any well-designed interior.

The second style is more “street.” This style targets the younger market and creates imagery ranging from busy, urban flea market scenes to uncomfortable bus rides. This method is usually a mix between tight pencil sketching combined with the latest digital painting techniques to create some of the most striking scenes.