Creative Corner DVD

Learn how to paint with Joseph Watson’s Creative Corner Technique DVD. This DVD provides instruction on how to think creatively, concept sketch, prep your painting surface, mix colors, paint and render your vision.

This DVD series features published and collected artist Joseph Watson. We give intuitive detailed lessons on how to create a successful painting with ease. Our training DVDs are easy to understand and show the creation of market proven imagery that people actually like. We believe that people have a strong interest in paintings that they like and want to know how these images are created.

The viewer of the DVD can then apply our method to their imagination. This product is created for the artist by the artist. Not only do we teach the method of painting, but we also instruct the art of the concept and the process of thumbnail sketches, surface prep, etc. We currently have two DVD lessons. These are a lesson in acrylic painting, and painting a figurative landscape. Future lessons will include portraits, the human figure, man made objects, sketching presentation and selling your art.

Education is expensive, especially in this economy, our art training DVDs provide a solution to this problem.

People will be inspired, educated and ready to show the world what they created.

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