Sean D'Anconia With an extensive background in film, media and design, Canadian artist Sean D’Anconia is best known for his dynamic visual universe which showcases his love of heroic themes from both eastern and western cultural landscapes.

Whether applied to Fine Art, Apparel or Animation, D’Anconia’s colorful, multi-layered collage of cinematic stories, eye-popping color patterns and iconic characters are always distinctly recognizable as his own.

Having moved to Los Angeles from Hong Kong in 2008, D’Anconia has since lent his iconic style to various projects for Warner Brothers, King Features, The Bob Marley Estate, Sanrio, Disney® among others, while pursuing his own independent creative projects.

Coining the term “Pop-Fusion” to describe his mixed-media fine art which integrates both traditional acrylic, spray paint, photographic, digital and 3D mediums – D’Anconia’s artwork can be found at select galleries and venues throughout the U.S.

Recent work includes a series of interpretations of classical Disney characters for the Wonderground Gallery, Downtown Disney® (Disneyland® Resort), along with his role as the official artist for the 73rd annual Nisei Week Japanese Cultural festival held in Los Angeles, California.

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