Shark Toof Ping Pong

Boy, Girl, Girl, Girl, Boy, Wolf, Boy, Tiger, Girl, Girl, Leopard, Boy, “The Ping Pong Show” is an intimate look onto ourselves and our belief systems of romance and nature. A dialogue heavy in conversation between male, female, animal, and nature are pronounced by saturation of color, texture, line quality, tension of composition, and use of spacial relationships. These agitated proximities force internal questioning, leaving the viewer reflecting. Bright colors, against flat surfaces, paired with vintage, iconic, pop vignettes, sounds of love are heard. While the ever looming fervor of nature and animal energy appears to consume all participants.

The opening night: Friday, Dec 7, 6-11pm
Preview night is Thursday, Dec 6, 6-9pm
The exhibit will be up for the month of December.

Gallery info:
Joseph Watson Collection
107, E. Charleston Blvd, Suite 115
Las Vegas, NV 89104